Benefits of women's group coaching

6 Benefits of Women’s Group Coaching

Women coming together to be coached in a group has many benefits, group coaching not only reduces cost as opposed to individual coaching but also provides a support network for women.

  1. Collective wisdom: Group coaching provides an opportunity to discuss with like-minded people your goals and dreams and bounce ideas and thoughts off others. It also provides an opportunity to explore feelings that others may have experienced. The group process provides an environment where you learn from the insights and contributions of others. The learning that occurs in a group from listening to other members’ stories, ideas and concerns is a powerful mirror for an individual’s growth.
  2. Accountability to each other: Group coaching brings an element of accountability to others, it can be a great motivator when you come to each session and discuss your progress and achievement of goals and the barriers to achievement with others who are empathetic and supportive. Participants also receive constructive feedback from multiple sources, which enriches the development process.  Group coaching holds you accountable while still giving you time and space to reflect.
  3. Opportunity to build networks and friendships: Group coaching allows you to make new connections and form real friendships with others. It also gives you freedom, opportunity, and confidence to explore ways to enrich personal connections. It enhances your own compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence. Listening to others’ stories helps you understand your own life story.
  4. Increases motivation and energy: Group coaching is a great motivator. Women often feel exhausted, overwhelmed and are self-critical, knowing you have the support from other participants as well as from the coaches encourages you, boosts energy levels, builds confidence, and motivates you to keep going!
  5. Developing your Tribe: You get to know other group members well and develop trust with them leading to an extended network of relationships that enrich your life. Bonding amongst group members who offer mutual support and encouragement can act as a powerful catalyst for change.
  6. It’s cheaper! This is an obvious benefit, the lower cost for group coaching may be a contributing factor for coaching clients to say yes.
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