About Finding Your Voice

Fiona Porter and Debbie Leafe

Finding your Voice is the creation of two Derby business women, Debbie Leafe and Fiona Porter, who have recognised that women achieve so much more, both professionally and personally, when they are supported by other women and coached to help them find their voice.

The aim of Finding Your Voice workshops is to provide small groups of women with the time and space to explore what they are passionate about. Also, to provide the tools and techniques to enable change and move forward. Research shows that women achieve so much more when supported by other women, providing a crucial network to thrive, build confidence and self-worth.

Through their experience of coaching women, Fiona and Debbie became aware of the common feeling that there must be more, of not being fulfilled, and that for many our voice is not being heard. This has presented itself by not progressing in a career, not having the confidence to switch careers, take on key roles, not being heard in the workplace, or just ‘being stuck’ in what we do, who we are.

Fiona and Debbie met on a coaching course after both having coaching themselves to support them through challenges, personal and professional. Both have careers in developing and supporting others, including training & development, Mindfulness and Mentoring and understand that being listened to as well as listening to ourselves is key to identifying what’s important and what we want to achieve in our lives.

“It feels as though I’ve been on a journey, some of which was painful at times, but one that was well worth taking in order to move my career forward. Coaching has challenged my perceptions and help me gain clarity about what I am looking for in my future career. It has helped me take a step back, look at things objectively and made me change my mind set. I now feel that I am much more open minded with a wider perspective.”

“In the four months since we started meeting, my attitude towards life has changed tremendously. Thinking positively has become second nature and I now have a clear vision of what my goals in life are.”