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The Benefits of Coaching

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The Benefits of Coaching

A problem shared is a problem halved, so they say, and we would say that when that problem is shared with a fully trained coach, with a wealth of experience in trouble shooting and conflict resolution, the problem is considerably more than halved. More often than not, it is resolved. Here at Finding Your Voice our aim is specifically to help professional women fulfil their potential by offering monthly coaching sessions. Each on specific themes, our sessions create a safe environment where ideas can be sparked off each other and participants are given a chance to reflect on their lives, their careers, and what’s important.

Why Coaching?

Put simply, coaching gives people the chance to be listened to about the things that matter. But further than that, a properly trained coach doesn’t just listen, they will give advice and suggest techniques for helping people change the course of their lives, for good. By providing assistance with mindfulness, plus mentoring individuals, coaching is particularly valuable for people who feel unfulfilled and as though their lives are in a rut. What the sessions provide is a new way of looking at things, giving people the courage to question and alter the limiting patterns of their lives created by assumptions that we can all make about ourselves. We enable women to stop saying, “I can’t” and instead start saying “I can”!

Women Only Groups

Research shows that women can do so much more when they are supported by other women. A study by the Women’s Business Council found that the UK economy was missing out on more than 1.2million new enterprises due to the untapped business potential of women. Yet with now nearly 1.5million self-employed women – an increase of around 300,000 since before the economic downturn – and nearly 70 per cent of women seeking business advice compared with less than half of men, it is clear that women in business are a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to the smaller things, like simply being listened to, we have found that many women are still struggling. We want to give them the confidence to make career changes and strive for promotion by enabling them to talk freely amongst their peers.

Mental Health: Give it the Attention it Deserves

Mental Health: Give it the Attention it Deserves

Now that many more people from the media to the Royal Family are talking about mental health, it seems that this long “silent” family of illnesses are beginning to be taken more seriously. With Mental Health awareness week taking place last week, we can only hope that the stigma that has surrounded the severe illnesses suffered by so many will start to be reduced.

How Can Finding Your Voice Help?

After a lifetime of careers developing and supporting others, we started Finding Your Voice as a way of helping women make themselves heard in their professional lives.

It is well documented that stress at work, if unaddressed, can lead to more serious mental health problems such as severe anxiety and depression, and we felt that women in particular were experiencing stressful situations in the workplace through not being listened to.

With our Finding Your Voice workshops, we hope to create a safe environment for local professional women to come together and share the experiences and challenges they face. By providing a haven where there is time and space to talk things through, we hope we’re doing our bit to keep everyone healthy in body and mind.

Coaching and Mental Health

Feeling alone in the decisions you make can be extremely stressful, and that’s why coaching is a great way of getting the support you need to help you achieve your potential in life. A trained coach will help you find out what is really important by listening to you, and also by helping you to listen to yourself. It is a very good way of boosting a healthy lifestyle in which ideas can be given a free airing and negative thoughts are not allowed to fester inside our brains, but are brought out into the open and dealt with, allowing people to move on in their lives.

Our women only sessions are helpful because they:

  • Give a group experience where ideas can be shared
  • Help with networking and forging friendships both in and out of the workplace
  • Boost energy by enabling fellow women professionals to give constructive feedback. Because participants are not in the same workplace, they can look at challenges faced by others objectively and provide a valuable fresh perspective.