Breakfast event Finding Your Voice

FYV Women’s Breakfast Event

On Wednesday 19th July, we were very excited to host a breakfast morning for business (and aspiring business) women of the Derby and East Midlands area. As well as giving us a chance to talk about Finding Your Voice and demonstrate coaching in action, the morning was also a networking event allowing like-minded women to get together.

We wanted to make sure that the event was really informal and that everybody felt comfortable with each other, and we think that we definitely achieved this. We held a raffle with some of the most amazing prizes, kindly donated by many of the women in the room. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and it was great to meet so many successful and inspiring women!Breakfast event Finding Your Voice

We talked about Finding Your Voice and how our coaching can be such a huge benefit to women in the workplace. We started off the session by asking for a show of hands on how many women feel satisfied with their life, and it was interesting to find that out of the whole room, only two ladies put up their hands! We then asked the room if they knew what they needed to do in order to get where they wanted to be, a few more hands went up- but almost half the room were still unsure. Fortunately the three women in the room, who are currently receiving coaching, all put their hands up – success!

Breakfast event Finding Your Voice


This really highlights the benefits of our workshops. Coaching helps us to achieve so much more, from fulfilling our potential to making changes in our life and providing us with a different way of thinking. Here at Finding Your Voice, we can help you to get on the right track for your career through growth in confidence and self-esteem, as well as increasing self-awareness and allowing you to evaluate your strengths and values.

Following on from our questions, Lucy, Rosie and Wendy, who are coming to the end of their coaching workshops with us, stood up and gave their own personal view about the benefits of our course. Lucy told us all about her increased confidence, saying ‘The change in me from starting the workshop to now is incredible.’ ‘When I started the workshops, I realised that I’d lost my mojo over the last couple of years. Since then, I’ve definitely got it back.’ We feel incredibly proud of her achievements and of how far she’s come since the beginning.

Breakfast event Finding Your Voice

Rosie, who is currently working in the same building as us, spoke about how she was often ‘coached’ by us over the boiling kettle in the communal kitchen (we can never resist a good coaching opportunity) and how this then encouraged her to join our structured coaching workshops. She joked, ‘I love working with men and I love men,’ and went on to say ‘but knowing that the sessions were for women only was a huge positive for me’.

Wendy, shared her own personal experience. She told us how she works in a well-paid job and is happy with her life, however she always had the feeling that she wanted something more, and would sometimes compare herself to others who are higher up in the business and think ‘why not me?’ She also mentioned that she’s a bit of a people-pleaser at work (something a lot of us are guilty of being!) and she was often left to do the jobs that others didn’t want to do. She told us that the structured programme FYV provided helped her to figure out her personal strengths, as well as giving her the push to get to the next step in her career.


Breakfast event Finding Your VoiceIt has been amazing and humbling to watch these three women grow in confidence, and the change in each of them from the beginning of the course to now is incredible. We fully believe that all of them are on the path to success and we will stay in touch to see what the future brings for everybody!

We then introduced the room to a very special lady called Caroline Baker, a representative of an award-winning Derby based Charity called Women’s Work. We were so happy that Caroline could attend the event, as we believe that the charity is making such a positive change to women in the local area. We feel that the work that the charity do is very similar to ours, in that we are both encouraging women to make significant changes in their lives.

To end the morning, everybody took part in a fun coaching activity to give a taster of what to expect in our coaching Breakfast event Finding Your Voiceworkshops. Around the room, we had placed questions which encouraged everybody to think more deeply and talk to each other about how the questions resonate with them.

The event was a big success! We received a great deal of positive feedback and left feeling motivated and inspired.


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