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Week 7- Affirmations


Over the next few months, we will be choosing a different theme each week in which we will post videos, write blog posts and create statistics pictures about. Each topic coincides with something which is taught in our 6 workshops and is a really useful bit of information if you’re wondering what our coaching entails.

This week’s focus is Affirmations.

So, what are affirmations?

This refers to the emotional support and encouragement that we receive in life. This could be reinforcements from friends and family, such as verbal praise, or even something as seemingly insignificant as a hug. It can also come from ourselves, from within the voice in our heads which speaks to us. The more of it we have, the more we will flourish and reach goals and achievements.

Self-love in particular is very important. There may be times in your life- maybe you’re working on a project or goal – where you feel totally alone. If the voice in our head is kind to us, and motivates and encourages us despite setbacks, then we are more likely to achieve our goals.

At Finding Your Voice, we encourage you to use self-love on a regular basis. In our sessions, we will ask you to create a list of ‘I am’ statements, which are linked to your goals. These statements should:

•             Use the present tense,

•             State in the positive,

•             Keep it brief

•             Make it specific

•             Include an action word

•             Include a feeling word

•             Make affirmations for yourself

•             Add ‘or something better’

For example, if your goal was to achieve deadlines more quickly, your ‘I am’ statement could be ‘I am motivated.’. We will then ask you to read these statements out daily, visualise them, feel what you felt when you wrote the list.

For more information about our coaching sessions, head over to the group coaching section of our website.

Changes that coaching can bring about for women in the workplace

Did you know that 47% of women make up the UK workforce? Yet for every £1 earned by a man a woman earns only 81p. That’s almost 20p less!

As women, we all know how frustrating it can be facing challenges around gender inequality in employment. What with Britain being ranked 11th out of 18 countries for factors such as pay and board level representation, it’s important that us women stand an equal chance of being given a job, receiving the same payment and progressing to higher levels of work such as management levels.

Here at Finding Your Voice, we decided that it’s time that something was done to help us women thrive not just in the workplace but in society in general. With this in mind, we created Coaching Sessions designed specifically for women to allow us to reach the potential that we all have within.

Benefits of our Coaching Sessions

Throughout our coaching sessions, there are lots of benefits you will receive whilst on the course. Some of these include:

-Learning a whole variety of workplace skills ranging from communication ability, problem solving, teamwork and improved attitude.

-A chance to discover your strengths.

-Learn what makes you tick

-Higher confidence levels and increased self-esteem.

-Get your mojo back

How our Coaching Sessions can help us women make changes in our personal lives.

But what about life outside of work? We hear you ask. Will coaching help me to manage situations better in my day to day life?

The answer is yes. As mature women who are both experienced with life’s ups and downs, we believe that the benefits from our coaching outside of our working lives are huge.

As a lot of our coaching focuses on thought processes, being able to change the way you think about one small thing may have a big impact on the rest of our lives. Whether that be through how we discipline our children or our diet and lifestyle choices, coaching can have a positive effect on a number of different elements.

Mental Health: Give it the Attention it Deserves

Mental Health: Give it the Attention it Deserves

Now that many more people from the media to the Royal Family are talking about mental health, it seems that this long “silent” family of illnesses are beginning to be taken more seriously. With Mental Health awareness week taking place last week, we can only hope that the stigma that has surrounded the severe illnesses suffered by so many will start to be reduced.

How Can Finding Your Voice Help?

After a lifetime of careers developing and supporting others, we started Finding Your Voice as a way of helping women make themselves heard in their professional lives.

It is well documented that stress at work, if unaddressed, can lead to more serious mental health problems such as severe anxiety and depression, and we felt that women in particular were experiencing stressful situations in the workplace through not being listened to.

With our Finding Your Voice workshops, we hope to create a safe environment for local professional women to come together and share the experiences and challenges they face. By providing a haven where there is time and space to talk things through, we hope we’re doing our bit to keep everyone healthy in body and mind.

Coaching and Mental Health

Feeling alone in the decisions you make can be extremely stressful, and that’s why coaching is a great way of getting the support you need to help you achieve your potential in life. A trained coach will help you find out what is really important by listening to you, and also by helping you to listen to yourself. It is a very good way of boosting a healthy lifestyle in which ideas can be given a free airing and negative thoughts are not allowed to fester inside our brains, but are brought out into the open and dealt with, allowing people to move on in their lives.

Our women only sessions are helpful because they:

  • Give a group experience where ideas can be shared
  • Help with networking and forging friendships both in and out of the workplace
  • Boost energy by enabling fellow women professionals to give constructive feedback. Because participants are not in the same workplace, they can look at challenges faced by others objectively and provide a valuable fresh perspective.