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My Authentic Self

My Authentic Self

Over the next few months, we will be choosing a different theme each week in which we will post videos, write blog posts and create statistics pictures about. Each topic coincides with something which is taught in our 6 workshops and is a really useful bit of information if you’re wondering what our coaching entails.

This week’s focus is My Authentic Self.

Philosophy Now says that becoming authentic is an individual mission, since each person has their own way of being human, and consequently what is authentic will be different for each individual. 

We all have different ways of presenting ourselves in different situations.  I’m sure we can all agree that we would act differently around our boss than we would around our friends. This means that it can be difficult to realise what our authentic self actually is.

To be our authentic self isn’t just about being honest, it’s also about being self aware, becoming more humble, and taking feedback from others. This process is long and constantly evolving- it doesn’t happen overnight!

 At Finding Your Voice, we run a coaching session all around My Authentic Self. We can help you to find your authentic self with a simple exercise:


  1. Take a few moments to relax and breathe deeply. As you relax, you will find it easier to unleash your imagination.
  2. Now, imagine another you standing in front of you. This is the most magnificent you that you can imagine. It is you at your very best – your authentic self!
  3. Take a moment to feel totally happy with your authentic self. Look at the way that the authentic you stands, breathes, smiles, walks and talks. Look at how the authentic you speaks to others and deals with problems and challenges and goes for goals.
  4. Now step into and synthesize with your authentic self. See through the eyes of your authentic self, hear through the ears of your authentic self and feel how great it feels to live life as your authentic self!


Once you have done this, you should have a more clear vision about who your authentic self is. For more information on what type of coaching we offer, head over to the home page of our website.

Realising Your Values

Realising Your Values

Over the next few months, we will be choosing a different theme each week in which we will post videos, write blog posts and create statistics pictures about. Each topic coincides with something which is taught in our 6 workshops and is a really useful bit of information if you’re wondering what our coaching entails.

This week’s focus is Realising your values. 

Why are our values something which we should pay attention to?

Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. They inform our thoughts, words and actions.  The decisions we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose. Our values also help us to decide what is a priority to us in life and aid us to act on our decisions. When we honour our values, life is fulfilling.

We are all different and unique, therefore our values will vary from person to person. During our coaching sessions, we will ask you to make a list of your core values in life. From doing this, we are able to see what is important to you and what you would like to work on. We may also discover that a lot of your time may be wasted working on things which you do not actually value that much. Doing this will allow you to make those all important changes in life to become who you want to be.

To find out about what our other Group Coaching sessions entail, visit our blog for weekly posts surrounding each session. Alternatively, select the Group Coaching section of our website for more info.

5 reasons why coaching can change your life

5 reasons why coaching can change your life

Have you been thinking about attending workplace coaching sessions but not sure how it will benefit you? Or is this whole ‘coaching’ idea new to you and you simply want to find out a little more info? Below, we’ve put together a handy list featuring five super important reasons why coaching can change your life.

1. Increased confidence and higher levels of motivation

Confidence and self-belief stem from positive thinking, talking to others and plenty of practise. Although we aspire to have more of confidence, we often struggle to find it. Our confidence and the belief we have in ourselves can show in many ways – our behaviour, our mood and the way we carry ourselves. Coaching allows us to change our thought process to increase confidence levels, therefore having a positive effect on our relationships, career, lifestyle and state of mind. Throughout your coaching sessions, you will be asked questions such as ‘what makes you tick? What grabs your interest? What drives you to do the things you do?’ This will allow your coach to help you to identify what you need in your life to make it fulfilled and enjoyable. You will also find out what kind of things are most likely to spark your attention and get you feeling motivated. It takes time and patience, however, coaching can motivate you to a whole range of positives, such as excelling at work, building happy, fulfilling relationships and achieving life-long dreams.


2. You will learn to ‘tune into your true voice’, and improve your relationships.

Coaching helps us to reflect and listen to our own voice, as well as becoming more aware of what our mind and body is asking of us. Throughout the process, you will begin to recognise and learn more about yourself and how your actions and behaviours affect not only you but the people around you. Relationships are an important aspect of life and if positive, will make us feel fulfilled and content. We all have unhelpful habits and behaviours which may inadvertently be affecting our relationships with our partners, family members and colleagues. Coaching allows us to recognise these behaviours and adjust them, allowing us to have healthier relationships which will present us with these positive feelings.

3. You’re given the opportunity to identify your strengths and apply these into all areas of your life

Constantly focusing on your weaknesses or comparing yourselves to others? Or maybe you’re unsure what your strengths are, or how they can benefit you in life. Coaching allows you to realise your true strong points and work on them so that they are incorporated into work, relationships and everyday life situations, which in turn will increase your sense of fulfilment, life satisfaction and self-worth. These skills are such an important aspect for becoming more successful in everyday life, from simple tasks to the weekly shop, interacting with your children or doing a spot of DIY, who wouldn’t want a bit of extra confidence to go with them?


4. Improved work/life balance

How often have you thought to yourself ‘I barely get any time to myself anymore!’ Maybe you work in a challenging career or run your own business, or maybe you’d just like some help with managing your time better. Through the practice of learning about ourselves and finding our true voice, coaching enables us to realise what is most important to us: what inspires us, what our goals are and what outcomes we would like to achieve. We’re encouraged to put processes in place to juggle the challenges of modern day living and ensure that we don’t feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. This process of setting goals gives us a whole load of motivation which we carry with us in day to day life, making us feel positive and giving us a sense of achievement.

5. You will enjoy coming into work, leading to increased promotion opportunities.

Your newfound sense of confidence, high levels of motivation and improved people skills will make a day at work feel like a piece of cake. Your levels of motivation will mean that you are bringing new ideas to the table, which will cause you to feel like an important member of the group, increasing your self-worth. This will lead to positive feedback, praise from your manager or increased levels of profit in your own business. These positive outcomes will motivate and encourage you to produce even more good work. If you have your own business, you may find that you’re hitting targets that you believed were out of your reach.

Would you like to find out more? Book onto our free 30min coaching session here, or read about the types of coaching we have on offer here.

Changes that coaching can bring about for women in the workplace

Did you know that 47% of women make up the UK workforce? Yet for every £1 earned by a man a woman earns only 81p. That’s almost 20p less!

As women, we all know how frustrating it can be facing challenges around gender inequality in employment. What with Britain being ranked 11th out of 18 countries for factors such as pay and board level representation, it’s important that us women stand an equal chance of being given a job, receiving the same payment and progressing to higher levels of work such as management levels.

Here at Finding Your Voice, we decided that it’s time that something was done to help us women thrive not just in the workplace but in society in general. With this in mind, we created Coaching Sessions designed specifically for women to allow us to reach the potential that we all have within.

Benefits of our Coaching Sessions

Throughout our coaching sessions, there are lots of benefits you will receive whilst on the course. Some of these include:

-Learning a whole variety of workplace skills ranging from communication ability, problem solving, teamwork and improved attitude.

-A chance to discover your strengths.

-Learn what makes you tick

-Higher confidence levels and increased self-esteem.

-Get your mojo back

How our Coaching Sessions can help us women make changes in our personal lives.

But what about life outside of work? We hear you ask. Will coaching help me to manage situations better in my day to day life?

The answer is yes. As mature women who are both experienced with life’s ups and downs, we believe that the benefits from our coaching outside of our working lives are huge.

As a lot of our coaching focuses on thought processes, being able to change the way you think about one small thing may have a big impact on the rest of our lives. Whether that be through how we discipline our children or our diet and lifestyle choices, coaching can have a positive effect on a number of different elements.

Finding Your Voice Launches, February 2017

Debbie Leafe and Fiona Porter, Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice Launches, February 2017

Two leading Derby Business Women Launch ‘Finding Your Voice’ Workshops in 2017

Fiona Porter and Debbie Leafe, two leading Derby business women announce the launch event of their new ‘Finding your Voice’ workshops on the 8th of February at the Coach House.

The new Finding your Voice workshops, looking to support women who may feel that their voice is not being heard or that they could be achieving so much more, aim to create a safe environment for local professional women to come together, to share experiences and challenges and to be listened to. To provide them with the time and space to explore what they are passionate about as well as tools and techniques that will enable them to change, develop and move forward.

Following on from the February launch, the Finding your Voice workshops will be held on a monthly basis and each session will focus upon a specific personal development theme that will encourage the participants to find their inner voice and to reflect upon what is important to them.

Finding your Voice is the brainchild of two Derby business women, Debbie Leafe and Fiona Porter, who met on a coaching course. Both have followed careers in developing and supporting others, including training and development, mindfulness and mentoring and they understand that being listened to as well as listening to ourselves is key to identifying what’s important and what we want to achieve in our lives.

Fiona says “I am absolutely delighted to be working with Debbie to create our new Finding your Voice workshops. We are both convinced that there is a real need for a dedicated space and time for women who feel that there must be more, who experience a feeling of not being fulfilled and that their voices are not being heard, especially at work. This may present itself by not progressing in a career, having the confidence to switch careers, take on key roles, or just not being heard in the workplace.”

Debbie adds “Research shows that women achieve so much more when they are supported by other women, thanks to our Finding your Voice workshops, we hope to provide a crucial network to thrive, build confidence and self-worth.”

To find out more about Finding your Voice, you are invited to attend the launch event on the 8th of February from 6pm to 9pm at The Coach House, 14 George Street, Derby DE1 1EH.

You can book your complimentary place via the link:

For more information, please contact Debbie Leafe 07711 760928 or Fiona Porter 07711 967649 or email via

Fiona Porter, Founder and MD of FP Training Ltd.

Since 2002, Fiona is an experienced and qualified leadership and management development facilitator, trainer and coach. With a strong background in Leadership Development and with a wealth of experience in designing and delivering both bespoke and accredited leadership and management programmes. Fiona’s philosophy and passion is the development of leaders for emotional engagement with those they lead; developing behavioural skills rather than just the ‘know-how’. As well as training and coaching in-house teams as part of talent Management programmes, Fiona has been instrumental in gaining the Investors in People (IiP) standard for one of her organisations, is a recognised provider for ILM programmes in Leadership & Management as well as Coaching & Mentoring and has also successfully delivered Leadership programmes in the Middle East. Find out more about Fiona:

Debbie Leafe, Founder of MindFit Life and Business Coaching

Helping women to become the best that they can be. After working for more than 25 years in various large and complex organisations and with a passion for mindfulness and gender equality, Debbie re-trained as an ICF accredited professional life, business and mindfulness coach and has spent the last few years working with women either on a 1:1 basis or as part of larger development groups for small to medium business owners.

Thanks to her own experience of a change in career path and direction, Debbie is a great advocate for believing that everyone can flourish and reach their full potential if they are given the right conditions. By allowing people the space and opportunity to think for themselves they are able to experience clarity and a mobility that has previously evaded them. Coaching and mindfulness provide the environment and promote development and a sense of wellbeing in all areas of life. Find out more about Debbie:

What Our Clients Say About Us

It feels as though I’ve been on a journey, some of which was painful at times, but one that was well worth taking in order to move my career forward. Coaching with Fiona has challenged my perceptions and help me gain clarity about what I am looking for in my future career. It has helped me take a step back, look at things objectively and made me change my mind set. I now feel that I am much more open minded with a wider perspective.

Course Participant

Debbie has been fantastic to work with. In the four months since we started meeting, my attitude towards life has changed tremendously. Thinking positively has become second nature and I now have a clear vision of what my goals in life are. I've also signed up to climb Ben Nevis for charity - something I would not have done a few months ago. I decided to do it after a session with Debbie when I realised I could do anything if I put my mind to it.

Course Participant