Coaching and Resilience

Have you ever felt completely bowled over by life’s challenges and threatening events? Do you struggle to stay positive or see a light at the end of the tunnel when things aren’t necessarily going your way?

Now, think about a time where you feel you handled a difficult situation in a calm and collected manner. How did you feel afterwards? When we handle situations positively, this is called being resilient. Resilience is all about changing our attitude towards situations so that we have a choice over our emotions and how we react. For a lot of us, we have to teach ourselves how to be resilient in order to react positively in a situation. This is where coaching can be a huge benefit. Coaching teaches us a number of elements that can help with resilience. Amongst these are:


Self-Awareness: Throughout our coaching workshops, you are taught to become aware of your strengths, thus giving you the tools to use them effectively in challenging situations, allowing you to become more resilient than somebody who is not aware of their strengths.

Determination: Coaching prompts you to recognise what drives you to take the decisions you make and discover what makes you tick. With this knowledge, you are more likely to remain determined to see things through to a conclusion, therefore increasing your resilience levels.

Vision: When coached, you will discover what your goals are and what you want out of life. Having an idea about your future goals (whether long-term or short) allows you to react to everyday challenges and hindrances in a more calm and controlled manner, as you are able to look past minor setbacks.

Self-confidence: Not to be mixed up with self-awareness, self-confidence is an important factor towards resilience! Coaching aims to increase our self-confidence, allowing us to feel more positive about ourselves and become comfortable with what we feel are our weaknesses. This allows us to better control our anxiety in stressful situations therefore becoming more resilient.

Organisation: Coaching teaches us to better handle our organisation skills, therefore we are less likely to feel overwhelmed when faced with problems.

Problem-Solving: If you are able to solve problems whilst remaining calm and collected, you will be more resilient than those who can’t. Coaching teaches us how to solve problems quickly and effectively, without becoming overwhelmed.

Relationships: Coaching prompts us to work on and maintain healthy relationships, which in turn have a positive effect on our self-confidence, resulting in increased resilience.

If you would like to become more resilient and gain further positive attributes such as increased self-confidence, organisation and problem-solving, give us a call on 01332 527144, or email, we’d love to talk!

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