Wondering about the benefits of Group Coaching? read our interview with Lucy!

Want to find out what our coaching courses are like from a participant’s perspective?

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the women who is coming to the end of our 6 month group coaching course, which ran from March to August. Settling down for a chat over a cup of coffee, Lucy is brimming with confidence and is more than happy to talk about her coaching experience.

What does finding your voice mean to you?

Finding Your Voice is my kickstart – the catalyst to starting a business!


What was it about Finding Your Voice in particular that interested you?

I came across the Finding Your Voice leaflet and there were so many points on there that I could relate to, I thought ‘this is me’. I spoke to Fiona and we had a conversation about where I’ve been career-wise, how I have always wanted a business but never done anything about it and how I was feeling about it all. I knew it was time to make a change and FYV seemed to be a great place to start!


What do you want to achieve from coaching?

My end goal is to have a business at the point of launching, to include: a Business plan; website designed; marketing materials ready and social media accounts set up… FYV has definitely given me the motivation to do all of this!


As someone who is receiving group coaching, what do you think are the benefits of group coaching as opposed to 1 to 1?


You certainly get a great deal of support as part of a group, from the coaching from Fiona & Debbie to the support and encouragement the others in the group provide; I’ve definitely made friends for life! I have to say what a safe and confidential environment these workshops maintain; we all respect each other’s confidentiality and that is key.


How do you think you have benefited from coming on the programme?

What I’ve achieved in terms of starting a business in 5 months compared to what I have achieved in the last 5 years is incredible. The workshop gives you the tools to identify what is holding you back and how to utilise that knowledge to your advantage. Also the awareness of knowing you have another workshop coming up is certainly a motivator and ensures you progress with your goal(s). In addition, the workshop is such a positive environment and that has definitely resided in me. Knowing that I am now finally moving forward with a business is just amazing!


Would you recommend this programme to other women?

Definitely! I started this workshop predominantly for the business motivation but I have achieved so much more from it. FYV encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, for me I’ve always been very independent and I prefer to avoid asking for help but FYV encouraged me to actively discuss my business and ask for help which has been hugely beneficial!

Debbie and Fiona have been fantastic throughout the FYV workshops and I can only thank them for what has been such a positive experience!


Now that you feel that you’re on the right track, tell us about your business and how far you have come as a result of the FYV workshops?

Lunique Fleur is a Boutique Florist business, specialising in bespoke bouquets and wedding & event floral art! I believe it is important to ensure floral art is unique whether that be the flowers, the sundries or the design! For example I am sourcing a specific ribbon that will compliment a beautifully detailed Asian Bridal Outfit, giving the bride a very bespoke bridal bouquet!



Are you interested in gaining increased confidence like Lucy? Whether it be for a new business plan or a promotion in your current job, or even simply to change your thought process in regards to your career, our group coaching workshops may be just what you were looking for. If you would like more information or would like to receive a free 30 minute coaching session, then contact Fiona or Debbie on 01332 527144 or email hello@findingyourvoice.org.uk we would love to meet with you over a coffee.

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