Team Coaching

Sometimes, for whatever reason, teams of people in the workplace do not quite ‘gel’, perform or deliver. It could be personality, performance or issue-based, but whatever is behind the ineffective nature of a team, our team coaching sessions work to identify the challenges the team is facing, establish what their common goals are, and help to define what would make them more effective. We are able to work with team members of any status or company role, to improve performance and morale and to find a resolution to the underlying problem.

Advantages of Team Coaching

  • A chance for each team member to find their voice
  • Gives staff the opportunity to identify their strengths and what they bring to the team
  • To gain an understanding the impact of habits or behaviours that may exist within the team
  • Encourage employees to set specific goals with defined expectations.
  • Development of a strong and collaborative workforce

Each session typically lasts approximately 2 hours and the amount of sessions depends on the desired outcomes.

An introductory session to identify outcomes and a minimum of 3 sessions.