“My career has hit a bit of a rut after a year off on maternity leave and I found myself in a very different role to one I had left. My confidence was low and I was struggling to see what value I was adding to my role and what my options for the future were.

Debbie really helped me turn this around. Through her sympathetic manner and ability to challenge my thinking through insightful questions, my perspective started to shift.

I gained real clarity around my strengths and values and explored how I felt when these were challenged. She helped me turn around my thinking, leaving me confident and empowered to take control and make significant changes in my working life.”

“It feels as though I’ve been on a journey, some of which was painful at times, but one that was well worth taking in order to move my career forward. Coaching with Fiona has challenged my perceptions and help me gain clarity about what I am looking for in my future career. It has helped me take a step back, look at things objectively and made me change my mindset. I now feel that I am much more open minded with a wider perspective.”
“The change in me from starting the workshop to now is incredible. When I started the workshops, I realised that I’d lost my mojo over the last couple of years. Since then, I’ve definitely got it back.”
“What I’ve achieved in terms of starting a business in 5 months compared to what I have achieved in the last 5 years is incredible. The workshop gives you the tools to identify what is holding you back and how to utilise that knowledge to your advantage.”