Over the next few months, we will be choosing a different theme each week in which we will post videos, write blog posts and create statistics pictures about. Each topic coincides with something which is taught in our 6 workshops and is a really useful bit of information if you’re wondering what our coaching entails.

This week’s focus is Affirmations.

So, what are affirmations?

This refers to the emotional support and encouragement that we receive in life. This could be reinforcements from friends and family, such as verbal praise, or even something as seemingly insignificant as a hug. It can also come from ourselves, from within the voice in our heads which speaks to us. The more of it we have, the more we will flourish and reach goals and achievements.

Self-love in particular is very important. There may be times in your life- maybe you’re working on a project or goal – where you feel totally alone. If the voice in our head is kind to us, and motivates and encourages us despite setbacks, then we are more likely to achieve our goals.

At Finding Your Voice, we encourage you to use self-love on a regular basis. In our sessions, we will ask you to create a list of ‘I am’ statements, which are linked to your goals. These statements should:

•             Use the present tense,

•             State in the positive,

•             Keep it brief

•             Make it specific

•             Include an action word

•             Include a feeling word

•             Make affirmations for yourself

•             Add ‘or something better’

For example, if your goal was to achieve deadlines more quickly, your ‘I am’ statement could be ‘I am motivated.’. We will then ask you to read these statements out daily, visualise them, feel what you felt when you wrote the list.

For more information about our coaching sessions, head over to the group coaching section of our website.

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